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Yoga Teacher Insurance

We provide "malpractice" and "slip & fall" insurance coverage that protects you and your business in the case that you hurt your client or in the case that they hurt themselves. It is common for studios and gyms where you instruct yoga to require that you have your own individual insurance coverage.

We provide yoga insurance for independent contractors teaching Yoga for $175 per year. Explore how our yoga teacher insurance works and how you can liability insurance to protect you and your business.

Why Do Yoga Teachers Need Insurance?

A yoga teacher faces unique challenges, taking on students of all ages, sizes, and backgrounds in a studio they may or may not own. As mentioned before, many gyms require yoga instructors to have their own general liability insurance in order to use their space. Working with people's bodies and the kind of equipment in a yoga space can create opportunities that require a yoga teacher to have insurance, such as:

  • a student pushing themselves too far and injuring themself
  • mirror falling off the wall
  • posture correction resulting in injury

There are many things that could happen in the course of a yoga class that can mean a lawsuit from a student, that's why it's important for yoga teachers to have their own professional liability insurance.

What Does Yoga Teacher Insurance Cover?

We at Hands On Trade cover all forms of yoga, dance, pilates, and Personal Trainers for one price.

  • Class size does not matter with our plan, our yoga insurance policy has you covered no matter how many students or clients you are instructing at any one time.
  • Coverage travels with you anywhere you go to work, even in multiple locations to teach yoga.
  • We also provide coverage for yoga teachers in training at our student rate of $75.

If you teach yoga and provide other types of services, we encourage you to read about our general liability insurance for other professions  HERE.

Exclusions to the Yoga Insurance Coverage

While we can cover the spectrum of yoga and bodywork that yoga teachers routinely perform, it's important to make note of the exclusions.

We do our best to make sure our clients are covered, but it's important to note what isn't covered by the liability insurance policy.

For the full policy exclusion details, we encourage you to visit the Insurance Coverage Page.

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