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Renewal Process:

How do I renew my liability insurance policy and benefits?

Login below to renew your policy online with your Certificate Number and Email Address, or call our office. Your renewal price is $169.00 per year.

How do I renew my policy with one or more Additional Insureds?

Please review each and note there is a $10.00 additional charge for each additional insured.

  • If you are removing an Additional Insured, please do so before you renew.​ 
  • If you are adding a new Additional Insured, please Renew your policy first.

Login to renew your policy

Forgot your Certificate Number? Click here to recover it.

If your policy has expired, you must call us to renew.

Call us at 800-872-1282 with any questions or concerns.

How do I renew myself if my policy has expired?

If your policy has expired you must Call Us to renew.

  • Once your policy expires, you do not have access to your account for online renewal.

We would be happy to assist you and it only takes five minutes. Call Us and leave a message, we will contact you within one business day.


Email at: info@handsontrade.com 

How do I renew myself?

  1. Login using your Email and Certificate Number.
  2. Review and make any needed changes to your personal account information including Additional Insured.
  3. Pay with a debit or credit card.​ 
  4. Check your Email Account for your Email Confirmation and Certificate of Insurance.

***Do not mail in or fax your renewal, our insurance program is fully electronic and online only.