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Personal Trainer & Fitness Instructor insurance

No matter the business, insurance coverage is essential and that includes insurance for personal trainers. Whether you're providing fitness training at a brick-and-mortar gym, traveling as an in-home trainer, or among the instructors at a fitness facility, you need quality personal trainer insurance.

Being a trainer is no different than any other profession, you and the service you're offering need quality liability insurance to protect both yourself and your livelihood. We at Hands On Trade provide professional liability insurance for an array of fitness services and independent business professionals, including personal trainer insurance.

Read below and learn how our liability insurance coverage can better protect both you and your business so that you continue to provide your fitness services to your community.

Why do Personal Trainers Need Insurance?

Clients can be dissatisfied, hurt themselves at your gym, or become injured in the course of a session. Going without liability coverage can be disastrous for your personal training business and personal finances. A client could tear, trip over a weight or bench, or lift incorrectly, the possibilities are near endless, and all meaning you would have to foot the bill for any medical costs as well as your own legal fees.

Whether a client becomes injured from slipping inside your business or from the training itself, you need solid coverage to protect yourself. 

Personal Trainer Insurance Coverage

We provide professional general liability insurance (malpractice) and general liability insurance (slip-and-fall) coverage for personal trainers for $175 annually. Our coverage even travels with you so that you're able to perform your fitness services even if working from home or at multiple locations.

Every type of business, personal training included, needs good insurance coverage to protect their livelihood and their company, we at Hands on Trade are proud to offer fitness and personal trainer professionals that kind of coverage.

Exclusions to Personal Trainer Insurance

We do our best to make sure our clients are covered, but it's important to note what isn't covered by the liability insurance policy.

For the full policy exclusion details, we encourage you to visit the Insurance Coverage Page

Get the Best Insurance for Your Personal Training Business

If you're interested in learning about the other types of business we provide coverage for, explore the links below.

Additional Info:

  • We cover multiple other professions with this one policy.
  • Student Coverage is available for $75 per year.

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