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Equine Massage with Geary Whiting - PhD

Nov 4, 2013 AT 12:10 PM


Geary Whiting PhD

In 1998, I coined a three-word saying that describes the reasons behind success or failure in any area of our lives. For someone in the Healing Arts, it can make the difference between truly being a healer, or simply a wannabe. 

Those three words are: Emotion, Dis-ease and Disease. Let’s break them down and talk a little about them.

  • EMOTION is a state of dynamics – a childlike attitude full of wonder and excitement, a primordial force.
  • DIS-EASE is a state of altered dynamics. 
  • DISEASE is a state of breaking down or death.

All sicknesses/diseases come from Emotion being altered or Dis-eased. Depending on the degree, some diseases come quickly while others are lurking down the road, ready to grab you at the most inopportune time. So how does this affect us in our practice of helping others through bodywork? I will give you an example from one of my recent Equine Massage programs.

Lottie, our 1,200-pound, Mustang/draft combination, looks intimidating but is a very gentle horse. She is sensitive to the point of getting her feelings hurt if I scold her, but is potentially very dangerous if angered. While being worked on by a student with great form and a lot of experience in the art of massage, Lottie started showing signs of agitation. Not sure what was going on, I switched the student to another horse, Bruit, who still thinks he is a kid. Yet the problem of a horse and student not being able to get along was interesting, to say the least. It was a battle of who was going to get their way. The horse wins every time.

I asked my student to step aside as I walked up and stood next to Bruit’s neck. In less than 5 seconds, his head dropped and his eyes began to close. He was at peace rather than in pieces and giving my student fits of frustration. My student was very impressed and awed. He talks about this in a video posted to my blog on my website.

Although he demonstrated great form and technique, my student was restless inside. After talking with him, he revealed that he was having issues in his life: anger, frustration, overload and a lot on his plate. He was in a state of emotional Dis-ease! Because I have worked with horses that wanted to kill me or critically hurt me, I have a different energy and awareness, which I show on my website www.howtomassageahorse.com. Horses pick up energy long before you get close enough to see the whites of their eyes, so to speak. Based on appearances, my student looked great, but looking great won’t cut it. So as you approach your own work, ask yourself: What is the state of your emotion? Do you know, or do you just think you know? Are you fixing problems or simply rubbing the body? Has it simply become a routine, or are you seeing awesome results each and every time you touch a person or a horse? If you are feeling held back, then we need to talk.

My program teaches you how to make a living, but more than that, it teaches you HOW TO LIVE. It teaches you how to love yourself. For those of you who want to greatly improve your human skills, horses will teach you that as well. You will feel as I did the first time I worked on a horse: EMPOWERED! Feeling empowered really is a state of Emotion. Not only is the outside of the horse good for the inside of the person, it develops a sense of awareness that lies within all of us, but that most of us will unfortunately never discover. It’s really there in each and every person. We all have incredible human potential that was put within us for a very important reason.

For more information, visit Geary on face book https://www.facebook.com/equinemassagetherapyschools

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