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The Earth Principle by Gilles Marin

Apr 2, 2015 AT 11:55 AM

The Earth Principle:

by Gilles Marin

Earth is. Earth is here and now, the present moment, not in the past, nor in the future, out of time and space but in the eternity of the present. It is that place of stillness between yin and yang, the center of the wheel. It is the place where we stand and manifest ourselves, the place where we belong, the central place of absolute perspective and unconditional support, a place where we find ourselves in harmony, in tune, in rhythm.


Earth is the middle place of balance and, for that reason, it is found in all places, in between stages and phases, in between seasons. Its influence is most prominent during harvest season, at the end of summer, the time of plenty  and comfort. Earth is the nurturing principle, the support principle, the harmony and rhythm principle and the principle of satisfaction.


Earth is found nowhere and everywhere at the same time. It is the zero that expresses perspective to infinity. In the I’Ching it is represented by Absolute Yin, the power of gravity that, at the same time gives the concept of falling and support. Without it we would all fly and be lost in space without support or connection.


In our bodies it is our flesh, our muscles, what we first associate as being our bodies. It is what we are made of therefore of what we metabolize in terms of food. It is our digestive system, digestive functions. It is also where we “compost” and predigest some of our waste as in our lymphatic system (as opposed to defense system, another function of our lymphatic system).


We were raised not to trust the ground: it is dirty, it is hard and it hurts our feet if we don’t wear shoes. We want to stand as tall as possible not to look like other animals—God forbid, like reptiles, or insects—a very foolish mental perspective which promotes contempt for all of nature in general.


The biggest difference I can think of between humans and animals, is their relationship with the earth. Animals make themselves feel comfortable with the earth and the ground while humans change the ground and the earth to make it more comfortable to them. There is nothing wrong with that if we are able to maintain a fair balance between both propositions. I believe that through the history of humanity and through the wide range of current human experience we explore both extremes; it is high time that we find the right balance between adapting to the condition of Earth and adapting the Earth to our conditions. It is a relationship issue: it is about fair exchange; it is about walking that line between too much and not enough; it is also about emotional bounds. Earth is emotionally associated with the origin or our overall support system and how we react to it; our parents, our authority figures, our job supervisors, political figures, ect... are all extensions of our relationship with Earth. We have a tendency to carry non-conscious and non-voluntary behavioral responses and accumulated bad experiences, aspects of which, feed into the other.

All we need is one support we can trust to start healing all of our relationship issues related to support and authority figures: Earth will always be here for us, unconditionally.


Gilles Marin

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