Hands On Trade Association
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Hands On Trade: Membership Benefits

Independent Contractors / Booth Renters / Sole Proprietors

Hands On Trade Association provides Professional Liability (malpractice) and General Liability (slip & fall) Insurance Coverage for $175.00 per year. 

For independent professionals who practice:

Apply Online and receive an Email with a link to your benefits.

Our Membership Benefits Package includes:

  • Professional & General Liability insurance coverage
  • Instant Coverage
  • The ability to practice in any location
  • We cover multiple professions with one membership policy
  • With additional Education Resources from the History of Massage Video collection
  • We offer friendly, dependable, in-house customer service to meet all your needs quickly and professionally.
  • We are a member of the Better Business Bureau and work with an A plus ranking.
  • We offer secure coverage from an "A" rated insurance company with great customer service and support.
  • We are proud to do all our business throughout the United States of America.




  • SECURE! Under written by an A+ rated, U.S. based provider.
  • No Deductible.
  • U.S. Residents only. 


  • Multiple Professions can be covered with only one membership plan! 

Meet Judi»

It's PERSONAL! Our president is a massage therapist and health & beauty advocate. She has been supporting the work you do for 35 years.