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Liability Insurance Coverage

The Hands On Trade Association welcomes you!

We provide insurance for independent professionals who are massage therapists, cosmetologists, estheticians, nail technicians, animal massage therapists, yoga teachers, dance instructors, pilates instructorsbodywork, energy work, movement educationpersonal/fitness trainers and more.

Professional Rate: $145.00 per year

Professional Liability Insurance: 

Malpractice Insurance

  • $2 million dollars of professional liability insurance coverage per occurrence.

General Liability Insurance:

Slip and Fall Insurance

  • $2 million dollars per occurrence of general liability insurance coverage.​
  • $3 million dollars in annual aggregate individual insurance coverage. 

Insurance Information

  • $100,000 dollars per year of damage to premises insurance coverage.
  • Product liability coverage of up to $2 million dollars.
  • Coverage for U.S. residents only.
  • No coverage of contents in any case.
  • There is no deductible with the policy. 

Insurance Coverage Exclusions:

Exclusions include but not limited to:

  • Permanent Makeup and Tattooing
  • Any Invasive Procedure
  • Human Structural Manipulations
  • Body Piercing of Any Type
  • Medical Esthetician Procedures
  • Ear Candling
  • T-bars
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
  • Cryo Chambers/Beds ​​* Any claim based on or arising out of a room, chamber, sauna, tank or other device for rendering services or treament by applying cold temperatures to a person's body by refrigeration, or cryonic or cryogenic means. However, this exclusion shall not apply to use of any strictly handheld device for delivering cryotherapy treatment to a specifically localized body part.*

Adding an Additional Insured:

As an Indpendent Contractor, you may be required to name or add a landlord or a business as an "Additional Insured" as a condition of renting a room, space, chair or booth. It is common for a landlord or business owner to request this to make sure they have protection against any of your clients that may file a claim. 

One or more Additional Insured can be added during your initial application or afterward by going to the member login page or contacting our office.

There is a $10.00 fee for each Additional Insured that you add to your membership policy.

Student to Professional Rate 

We can provide students coverage while they are in school and then upgrade them for free when they become licensed professionals for $75.00. Visit the Student page.

​Animal Massage Therapy Insurance Sub limit

We provide $25,000 of animal therapy insurance coverage per occurrence. Visit the Animal Massage Therapy page.


Details about our Insurance Provider

The Insurance portion of the Hands On Trade Membership Benefits Package is provided by PayneWest Insurance.

***The Liability master policy is issued to the Wellness and Beauty Association Risk Purchasing Group, members of which are also members of the Hands On Trade Association, Inc. Professional Liability and Commercial General Liability coverage under the Hands On Trade program is underwritten by Evanston Insurance Co, a Markel Corporation company  rated “A” (Excellent) by A.M. Best. PayneWest Insurance agency serves as our agent. Brown & Riding Insurance Services, Inc serves as the surplus lines broker. The Hands On Trade Association is NOT an insurance company.