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Frequently Asked Questions

Hands on Trade questions and answers:

Call our office at 800-872-1282.

Where can I learn more about insurance coverage?

Visit the insurance page for policy details.

The insurance coverage page has insurance definitions and terminology.

What happens after I sign up?

You will get an Email Confirmation within minutes of signing up. The Email will contain your certificate of insurance as an attachment and a link to the member login page. All of your information will be sent in this Email and nothing will be sent to you in the mail. If you cannot find the Email in your regular inbox, check your spam or junk folders.

How do I get my certificate of insurance?

Attached to the Email Confirmation you will find your certificate of insurance. Print and display this document as your proof of insurance. If format, capitalization and spelling are important to you, be sure you enter it the way you want to see it on your certificate.

When does my coverage take effect?

Instantly - Once you have filled out the application, click the 'signup' button. You will get a 'Thank You' message letting you know that your order has been recieved and you have instant coverage with the Hands On Trade Association.

Can I sign up via regular mail?

No, because our process is fully electronic. The only way that you can sign up for the plan is through the internet. We will not accept any mail-in applications. This is one of the measures we've taken to make it easier for you, so you can get your insurance benefits as soon as possible.

Can I cancel my policy and get a refund?

Because our process is fully electronic you are immediately enrolled into our system and your certificate is emailed to you immediately, consequently, we cannot refund anyone for their membership dues, because you are instantly covered. Also, in the agreement that you sign as part of the application states: "All fees paid to Hands On Trade Association in relation to this application are non-refundable."

How do I view or change my policy information?

Go to the Member Login Page to access your personal account information.
Login with your Email address as username and certificate number as password.

  • Review or change your personal information.
  • View or print your certificate of insurance.
  • View or print the 30 page policy.
  • View or print your member certificate.
  • Add or remove an additional insured.
  • Renew your membership.

How do I add an additional insured?

Add an additional insured at the time you sign up or at any time during your policy year. To add an additional insured (which can only be a business you work at, a landlord you rent from or a business you own), Login and click on the 'add additional insured button' and fill out all fields.
If you renew your policy, you will also renew your additional insured unless you remove them before you renew.

How do I remove an additional insured?

Make sure to remove any Additional Insured you do not want BEFORE you renew your policy, or they will rollover onto your new policy.

If you need assistance adding or removing any additional insured, Contact Us.

How do I renew myself?

Visit the Renewal Page and enter your Email and Certificate Number. Review and update your personal and payment information. 

Please call our office if you need help with renewal, the process is quick and easy. 

Why can't I renew myself after my policy has expired?

If your policy has expired, you must contact our office by phone to renew.
You will not have access to your membership account after your policy has expired.

***Please call our office to renew your policy, it only take five minutes.