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Cryotherapy Insurance Coverage

We at Hands On Trade provide professional liability insurance for an array of services and independent business professionals, including cryotherapy insurance.

Read below and learn how our liability insurance coverage can better protect both you and your business so that you continue to provide your cryotherapy services to your community. 

Why Is Insurance Needed for Cryotherapy Services?

No matter the type of business or services offered, liability insurance coverage is essential, perhaps even more so for cryotherapy.

The growing popularity of cryotherapy in sports medicine, physical therapy, dermatology, and weight loss means more clients are seeking cryotherapy treatments. It is imperative to have quality insurance coverage to protect yourself, your business and your livelihood from lawsuits.

Having quality liability insurance that covers cryotherapy is an important part of protecting yourself. We at Hands on Trade are proud to offer professionals that kind of coverage.

Insurance Coverage Details

We provide professional general liability insurance (malpractice) and general liability insurance (slip-and-fall) coverage for cryotherapy services for $175 annually.

  • We CAN cover non medical cryotherapy for the skin.
  • We CAN cover all handheld devices.
  • We DO NOT COVER cryotherapy chambers or baths.

Insurance Exclusions 

We do our best to make sure our clients are covered, but it's important to note what isn't covered by the liability insurance policy.

We can cover cryotherapy for the skin only and do not cover Cryo chambers or bath

For the full policy exclusion details, we encourage you to visit the Insurance Coverage Page.

Get the Best Insurance for Your Cryo Services

If you're interested in learning about the other types of business we provide coverage for, explore the links below.

Additional Info:

  • We can cover you wherever you go to provide cryotherapy services, even if you go to multiple locations
  • We cover multiple other professions with this one policy.
  • Student Coverage is available for $75 per year.

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