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Cosmetology Insurance

We provide liability insurance for independent contractors, booth and chair renters practicing cosmetology and beauty services for $175 per year. Explore how cosmetology insurance works and how you can be insured in the beauty industry below.


What is Cosmetology?

Cosmetology refers to the business of a professional cosmetologist providing any cosmetic treatment that is meant to enhance beauty.

A cosmetologist is a professional who provides services that involve beautifying the hair, face, and skin. A cosmetologist can have several different professional names depending on which aspects of beauty that they specialize in.

Common treatments a professional cosmetologist can perform include cutting, shaving, shampooing, and conditioning hair. While more specific treatments may include special occasion styling, wet and thermal styling, chemical hair relaxers or straighteners, permanent waves, coloring and highlighting, and extensions or wig treatments.

In the United States, anyone that practices cosmetology professionally is required to have a license or certification.

What is Beauty Insurance?

Cosmetology insurance may also be called beauty insurance or cosmetology liability insurance. It is required to ensure coverage for the many different procedures and treatments that a professional cosmetologist might perform.

Liability insurance is a requirement if you are an independent contractor that works from home or rents a booth, chair, or space in a salon. Liability insurance is required in order to protect yourself and your small business from a possible insurance claim.

Hands-on-Trade provides professional and general liability insurance coverage for independent cosmetologists, including cosmetology insurance, for $175 per year.

Exclusions to the Professional Liability Insurance for a Cosmetologist

While we can cover the spectrum of cosmetology procedures your license allows you to perform in your state or locale, it's important to make note of the exclusions.

We do our best to make sure our clients are covered, but it's important to note what isn't covered by the liability insurance policy.

For the full policy exclusion details, we encourage you to visit the Insurance Coverage Page.

What Is the Insurance Coverage for Cosmetologists?

Cosmetology insurance protects you anywhere you work, even if you work in multiple business locations.

The types of Cosmetology & Beauty Professions covered by our policy include:

  • Barbers
  • Beauticans
  • Beauty Specialists
  • Cosmetologists
  • Estheticians *See a list of proceedures covered.*
  • Hair Dressers
  • Hair Stylists
  • Makeup Artists
  • MicroBlading *You must be licensed/certified in your state.*
  • Nail Technicians
  • Skin Care Professionals
  • Stylists

With many more professions covered HERE with just one insurance policy.

Cosmetology Insurance Testimonials

Explore what other cosmetologists and independent contractors are saying
about Hands-On-Trade insurance coverage below!

"Over the years, I have directed my independent stylists to Hands-On-Trade for
their insurance needs. They are fast, dependable, and have professional
customer service. I would recommend them to anyone."

~Christine, Salon Owner, CA

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