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Liabilty Insurance for Esthetics, Makeup, Beauty & Skin Care

Independent Contractors and Booth Renters

We provide Professional (malpractice) & General Liability (slip-and-fall) insurance coverage and benefits for Estheticians, Make up artists and Skin care professionals who are independent contractors, booth or chair renters for $155.00 per year. 

​Apply Online and receive an Email link to your liability insurance and benefits. 

Liability insurance coverage and Benefits:

  • Coverage that travels with you anywhere you go to work, even if you work in multiple locations.
  • $2 million coverage / $3 million annual aggregate
  • No Deductible with any type of claims.
  • We offer product liability coverage.
  • Multiple Professions covered with One Policy.
  • Free business website, web hosting, email, and additional business benefits 

Beauty Professions and Services Covered:

  • Cosmetologists
  • Estheticians (Non Medical)
  • Skin care professionals
  • Spa technicians
  • Makeup artists
  • Beauticians
  • Aestheticians
  • Makeup
  • Skin care
  • Skin peels
  • Waxing
  • Micro-current toning
  • Microderm abrasion and more

​​An esthetician provides skin treatments to the face and body in order to enhance a client’s personal appearance. They provide facials, full body treatments, neck and head massages, non medical skin care and the application of makeup. They can also provide skin peels, micro-current toning, microderm abrasion and removal of hair through waxing. They are also known as aestheticians, skin care therapists, skin care specialists, spa technicians, skin care technicians, or makeup artists.

***We are able to cover whatever procedures your license allows you to perform with your license as an esthetician in your state or locale, except for the Main Exclusions identified on our coverage page and also listed below.

Exclusions include but not limited to:

  • Permanent Makeup and Tattooing
  • Human Structural Manipulations
  • Laser Hair Removal
  • The dying, coloring, perming, or tinting of eyelashes
  • Body Piercing of any type
  • Medical Esthetician procedures
  • Ear Candling
  • T-bars​
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
  • Transmission of Communicable Diseases

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