Hands On Trade Association
1.800.872.1282 Our Benefits Include Professional and General Liability Insurance

Hands On Trade Benefits and Liability Insurance:

Benefits for independent professionals / booth renters:

We provide a benefits package with tools and resources to enhance your independent business including Professional Liability (malpractice) and General Liability (slip & fall) insurance coverage and more for $165.00 per year

We provide these benefits for cosmetologistsestheticiansnail techniciansmassage therapists, animal massage therapistsbody workersenergy workersmovement educators, yoga teachers, dance instructors, pilates instructors  and many additional manual therapies

Apply Online and receive an E-mail with a link to your benefits.

Our Membership Benefits Package includes:

  • Professional & General Liability insurance coverage.
  • Instant Coverage.
  • The ability to practice in any location.
  • No Deductible.
  • $2 million insurance coverage.
  • $3 million annual aggregate individual insurance coverage.
  • We cover whatever procedures your license allow you to perform in your state or locale.
  • We cover multiple professions with one one policy.

Free Website and Hosting

  • Your benefits include a website with unlimited pages, images, e-mails and hosting that you can easily design yourself.
  • You can transfer an existing business domain name to our servers with not hosting fee or utilize a sub-domain name unique to your business.
  • We provide statistical reporting so you can track website visitors, page views and other important data.
  • We send out a regular e-mail newsletter with business building tools and tips for marketing, health and spirit. Also including articles from industry leading professionals.
  • Customer Service is available to answer any questions that you might have about your website.


  • SECURE! Underwitten by an A+ rated, U.S. based provider.
  • No Deductible.
  • U.S. Residents only. 


Insurance for massage, yoga, cosmetology, esthetics, dance, reiki, pilates, tai chi and more. Multiple professions covered for One Low Price!

Meet Judi»

It's PERSONAL! Our president is also a massage therapist and a health & beauty advocate for 30 years. She is passionate about supporting the work that you do.